"We're all Mad Here"

Phoenix Rising

My name is Marjorie Corsi and I am from Myanmar, formerly called Burma. I am married to an Italian named Luigi and we live in San Antonio. I do one of a kind necklaces with good beads like jade, onyx, mother of pearl, wood. tiger eye, pearls ,etc. I do not make two of the same kind even if someone begs me to.

I have travelled to some places in the world due to my husband's job. He is retired now and we have settled here in San Antonio. I have been making necklaces and earrings for more than 12 years now. I like wearing jewelry and we were living in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico when I saw a friend of mine wearing a pretty ankle bracelet which she said she made it. Then another time, I saw her with a gorgeous necklace and she also said she made it. I told her to make one for me and she said why didn't I  come with her to the class. I had heard that an American woman was giving classes but I did not even think of checking it out, let alone learning how to make jewelry as I thought that it would be hard to do so. My friend literally had to drag me there and from the first lesson, when I found that it was easy to do a simple necklace, I was hooked. I still have that first necklace that I have made.

I enjoy doing them as I get great satisfaction from seeing beads being turned into a lovely necklace. Time goes by so quickly when I am doing my necklaces and sometimes I make earrings to go with them.  I get my jade beads from my country whenever I go back there. Myanmar is the greatest producer of jade from the jade mines there. I also buy my other beads like old Indian silver beads, onyx etc at bead shows here or when I travel to other states. I also sell tribal jewelry from the tribes on the border between Myanmar and Thailand. I also sell cotton bags from Thailand with elephant motives and silk embroidered cell phone bags.